New South Wales, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Margaret  1852New South Wales, Australia I1677
2 ATKINSON, Victor John  18 Oct 1926New South Wales, Australia I5420
3 BADCOCK, Ethel Maude  20 Oct 1927New South Wales, Australia I1135
4 BAMFORD, Charles Richard  New South Wales, Australia I2813
5 BARROW, Iris Belle  1924New South Wales, Australia I297
6 BARROW, Neville Charles  1915New South Wales, Australia I1049
7 BARROW, Norma Joan  22 Feb 1930New South Wales, Australia I5342
8 BLAIR, Henry Charles (Harry)  3 Dec 1932New South Wales, Australia I996
9 BLAIR, Judith  1954New South Wales, Australia I998
10 BOYCE, Hazel Ester  New South Wales, Australia I4719
11 BURGETT, Donald Earle  New South Wales, Australia I5385
12 CAMPBELL, Child  1847New South Wales, Australia I336
13 CARR, A.K.   I1741
14 CARR, Earle Burdett (Pat)  Abt 1910New South Wales, Australia I1731
15 CARR, Lillian Mary  New South Wales, Australia I1317
16 CAUSLEY, Cyril M  24 Aug 1925New South Wales, Australia I552
17 CHILDS, Betty Elaine  Abt 1930New South Wales, Australia I3727
18 CONNOR, Marjory Kathleen  1931New South Wales, Australia I1716
19 CONNOR, M.   I1172
20 CONNOR, Norman Keith  New South Wales, Australia I1091
21 CONNOR, Raymond Francis  Abt 1915New South Wales, Australia I1238
22 COOK, Hazel  New South Wales, Australia I544
23 COOMBES, Kevin Edward  1935New South Wales, Australia I4857
24 CROCKETT, Margaret Stuart  New South Wales, Australia I3472
25 CRONAN, Arthru Oliver  26 Feb 1886New South Wales, Australia I397
26 CRONAN, Leonard John  1927New South Wales, Australia I415
27 CRONAN, Leslie Charles Clive  1916New South Wales, Australia I414
28 CRONIN, Eric Raymond  11 Nov 1938New South Wales, Australia I1420
29 DALEY, James  20 Apr 1844New South Wales, Australia I1424
30 DALEY, John Wilfred (Jake)  21 Oct 1928New South Wales, Australia I1431
31 DODDS, Leila Muriel  1 Oct 1930New South Wales, Australia I4355
32 DODDS, Millicent Marion  1925New South Wales, Australia I4354
33 DONNELLY, Vivian Osborne (Tony)  1 May 1922New South Wales, Australia I669
34 EARLE, Thomas John  1952New South Wales, Australia I4024
35 ELLIS, Keith James  30 May 1927New South Wales, Australia I634
36 EVERETT, Beryl Eileen  1929New South Wales, Australia I1161
37 FORD, Joyce Lorraine  3 Mar 1923New South Wales, Australia I167
38 FOSTER, Brian Raymond  1933New South Wales, Australia I799
39 FOSTER, Mary  1947New South Wales, Australia I798
40 GORDON, Horace Edgar (Horrie)  Abt 1915New South Wales, Australia I3135
41 GUEST, Mary  1895New South Wales, Australia I1289
42 HAYMAN, Donald  24 Jun 1942New South Wales, Australia I1032
43 HEARNE, Arthur Gordon  31 Jul 1915New South Wales, Australia I630
44 HOOKER, Lloyd George  1924New South Wales, Australia I3546
45 JOHNSON, B.   I1736
46 JOHNSON, D.   I1737
47 JOHNSON, G.   I1735
48 JOHNSTON, Arthur Desmond (Des)  1940New South Wales, Australia I1321
49 JOHNSTON, Nalda  New South Wales, Australia I1323
50 KEWLEY, Leslie Charles  1924New South Wales, Australia I1547

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Hazel Merle  4 Apr 1995New South Wales, Australia I825
2 BARKER, Hazel Merle  4 Apr 1995New South Wales, Australia I826
3 BLAIR, Judith  1954New South Wales, Australia I998
4 BLANCH, Christina May  4 Mar 1981New South Wales, Australia I528
5 BLANCH, Kevin Clarence  19 Apr 1987New South Wales, Australia I504
6 BROOKS, William  14 Jun 1990New South Wales, Australia I356
7 BURGETT, Lila Kathleen  24 Nov 1975New South Wales, Australia I5413
8 CAMERON, Alexander Angus  1980New South Wales, Australia I452
9 CAMPBELL, Child  1847New South Wales, Australia I336
10 COLE, Emily Fedona  1976New South Wales, Australia I573
11 CRONAN, Lillian May  19 Aug 1981New South Wales, Australia I347
12 DALEY, Harold Bernard  1977New South Wales, Australia I1443
13 DEANE, Lucy Mavis  1980New South Wales, Australia I1682
14 DONNELLY, Esma Clare  1996New South Wales, Australia I659
15 GILLIES, Donald McFarlane  1981New South Wales, Australia I1685
16 HOOKER, Jean  20 Dec 1935New South Wales, Australia I823
17 HUGHES, Iris Mona  21 May 1990New South Wales, Australia I1501
18 JARRETT, Edith Augusta  New South Wales, Australia I921
19 JOHNSON, Esther  25 Jul 1837New South Wales, Australia I459
20 JONES, Ernest Wilfred  1975New South Wales, Australia I2261
21 JONES, Merle Jean  1978New South Wales, Australia I9901
22 KING, Fanny Jane (Jean)  1962New South Wales, Australia I1571
23 LOFTS, Doris Joy  2000New South Wales, Australia I2828
24 LOWRIE, Dorothy  5 Nov 1995New South Wales, Australia I2499
25 MALLET, Beryl  15 Mar 1996New South Wales, Australia I5519
26 MARSH, Lillian Helena  9 Apr 1988New South Wales, Australia I1697
27 MCCANN, Alma Florence Grace  1980New South Wales, Australia I3165
28 MCINERNEY, Dorothy Margaret  24 Ocy 1979New South Wales, Australia I9930
29 MEALE, Margaret E  Abt 1999New South Wales, Australia I1236
30 MOUNTJOY, Ivy Elizabeth  12 Jun 1981New South Wales, Australia I3650
31 MURPHY, John Michael  13 Mar 1976New South Wales, Australia I9927
32 MURPHY, Kevin William  5 Aug 1975New South Wales, Australia I9929
33 NEILL, James (Neale)  1879New South Wales, Australia I806
34 OSWALD, James Jnr.  1981New South Wales, Australia I1077
35 OSWALD, Mabel  1978New South Wales, Australia I5889
36 PAINE, Ena Dorothy  1981New South Wales, Australia I1303
37 POWELL, Dorothy Margaret  New South Wales, Australia I1706
38 RAYNER, Effie Isabella  1976New South Wales, Australia I1631
39 ROYSTON, Betty Georgina  10 Jun 1985New South Wales, Australia I954
40 STARR, Edna May (Jill)  19 May 1995New South Wales, Australia I2050
41 STARR, Elaine Mary  1994New South Wales, Australia I5121
42 STARR, John Clarence  30 Aug 2001New South Wales, Australia I5526
43 STEWART, June Dorothy  1981New South Wales, Australia I1787
44 TABOR, Ivy Pearl  1980New South Wales, Australia I5373
45 THOMAS, Charles Stewart Campbell  1986New South Wales, Australia I2312
46 THOMAS, Wallace Anderson  1980New South Wales, Australia I2308
47 WANT, Annie May  29 Jul 1983New South Wales, Australia I450
48 WHITE, Doris Ina  20 Feb 1980New South Wales, Australia I3373
49 WILTON, Almira  1976New South Wales, Australia I4184

Electoral Roll

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Electoral Roll    Person ID 
1 CHILDE, Sylvia Vernon  1935New South Wales, Australia I5467


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Ticket    Person ID 
1 HOUSE, Abraham  20 Sep 1836New South Wales, Australia I2672


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CRAIG / MOWETT  New South Wales, Australia F3223
2 HARRISON / SADDINGTON  New South Wales, Australia F1131
3 MURPHY / MCINERNEY  1960New South Wales, Australia F3531
4 MURPHY / UNKNOWN  1870New South Wales, Australia F1672
5 MURPHY / UNKNOWN  1870New South Wales, Australia F4929

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